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Wicker Repairs and Canning       

REFINISHED does wicker repair,from total restoration to small damaged areas.We can repaint you wicker to look new again.When it comes to wicker repair and restoration we do it all. Canning is another service we offer.From hand canning one hole at a time, to sheet cane that installed with spline, then finish is applied to protect and extending the life of the cane.
Refinished does all types of chair
weaving including shaker .This 
weave is one of the most popular 
and is used most commonly  
in chairs, but can be used on foot
stools,swings and many other things.
 We also weave rush chairs.Rush is the most                        most common and can be found in 
homes all over and seems to always
break along the
front edge.No
problem they
can be replaced.

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